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Compact standalone optical cryostat for low temperatures & cryogenic apochromatic high NA objectives

Our most compact optical cryostat attoDRY800xs offers all key advantages of the original attoDRY800 , such as low vibration performance , versatility through customizable vacuum shrouds adopted to the needs of your experiment , and automated temperature control , gas handling and remote control . The attoDRY800xs can be used to set up a self-contained experiment directly on its optical breadboard , or it can be placed adjacent to existing larger optical tables with fiber coupling between the optical elements . In a nutshell , we offer you what you love about the original attoDRY800 in a much smaller package – which fits into every lab !
• most compact standalone optical cryostat
→ fits in every laboratory
• cold plate integrated into optical breadboard
→ obstruction-free workspace & optical access
• fully customizable vacuum shrouds
→ suited for wide variety of applications