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Features attoDRY800xs

Standard and Customizable Configurations
Anticipating typical configurations , we have designed several standard vacuum shrouds and cold shields , that are optimized in terms of positioners , sample holders , working distances and objectives . Should this still be insufficient , anything above the table surface can be customized according to the technical requirements and preferences of the user .
Ultra-low Vibration
Despite the compact design , the attoDRY800xs offers excellent ultra-low vibration performance . The interferometric measurements measured directly on the cold plate show peak-to-peak vibrations in vertical direction are less than 2 nm ( 3 nm ), while in lateral direction they are inferior to 10 nm ( 40 nm ) in a bandwidth of 200 Hz ( 1500 Hz ).
Cryogenic Apochromatic Objectives
attocube offers two versions of apochromatic objectives for low temperature operation . Whereas one version features high numerical apertures ( NAs ) of 0.81-0.82 within six color bands ranging from the UV to the IR , the other line of apochromatic objectives boosts the working distance to 5.0 mm while maintaning high NA of 0.63-0.65 .
Electrical and Optical Feedthrough Options
The attoDRY800xs comes equipped with 36 DC user lines by default . Additional DC and HF wiring as well as optical fibers can be provided upon request .
Ultra-Short Working Distance
The ultra-short working distance option ( RT-USWD ) is compatible with xyz positioners and features a min . working distance of 2 mm ( 1 mm ) with ( without ) cold window installed .
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Touchscreen and Remote Control
The touchscreen provides a convenient and intuitive interface for a stateof-the-art user experience . The desired sample temperature can be set easily by virtually pressing a button directly at the cryostat , enabling a true set-and-forget type of operation . Remote control and elaborate measurement schemes are also possible via software interface .